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HO Model Train Layouts – Unique and Creative

December 9, 2012

Once model trains came into the market and became popular Christmas gift ideas for children, demands for different designs, sizes and terrains of model trains increased. Model train makers built model trains to suit every customer’s dream carriage on wheels. Soon there were O scale, OO scale; HO scale and G scale model trains happily hooting and chugging in many gardens, backyards and indoors.

The HO model train layouts have been riding the popularity charts for sometime now. The O scale was a popular choice with its 11/4 inch wide tracks; and its size ratio was 1:48 with the real train. The OO scale model was popular in England long before the HO scale came into being in the 1930s. This model turned the market slowly and by the 1960s the HO model scaled the popularity charts for model trains in UK.

HO gauge literally means half the size of the 0-scale model train. The ratio scale is 1/87. The gauge track is of standard size – 16.5 mm. This model is among the larger train models and is of reasonable size for indoor and outdoor use. The designing and the layout do not take too much space and the components and parts are quite safe enough to be handled even by children.

The HO scale model has become the latest favorite with train hobbyists because of the balance it has brought about between the details of the larger scale train models and the lower space requirements of smaller scale train models. With its popularity the HO scale accessories also grew in variety; there was an array of modified HO trains to choose from, more accessories to the main model and a variety of layout and scenery options.

Similarly there are ready to run train kits, modular tracks, artisan grade kits, building from scratch supplies and high detailed limited edition locomotive models of brass in the market. As the model is a true copy of the real train and yet in a compact form needing minimum space, the HO scale layouts are interestingly unique and very creative.

With adding your own props you can have a stunning and busy station right inside your basement or garden; create the magical atmosphere of a real station with people, carts, stalls, other tracks passing by and many more. The minimum space required to run your HO model would be 8’x10′ area; that would give you enough room to carry out your creative designs. Of course, a larger space available will only enhance the whole layout and help you incorporate more complex ideas.

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